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Why Brush My Teeth?

Brushing is the best way to get rid of the germs and bacteria, and an invisible sticky material called plaque from your teeth and gums. Getting the bad stuff off your teeth and gums in a timely manner prevents bacteria in the food you eat from turning into harmful, cavity-causing acids.

Here are some tips for brushing your teeth, but make sure and first ask your parents or person taking care of you:

  • Use a pea-sized dab of toothpaste on your brush and remember to spit it out when you're finished brushing.
  • Use a circular motion to brush only two or three teeth at a time, gradually covering your entire mouth.
  • Place your toothbrush next to your teeth and tilt slightly up or down, gently brushing in a circular motion. Don't brush your teeth by moving your toothbrush up and down. Brush everything inside your mouth your teeth (front, back, sides and tops), gums, the inside of your teeth and the roof of your moth, and, most importantly, your tongue. Your tongue actually hides a lot of germs and bacteria on it that creep into your gums and teeth when you're not looking.
  • Brush your teeth for about three minutes. Try putting your favorite song on the CD player or radio, or ask a big person in your house for a timer.
  • Remember to replace your brush when the bristles begin to spread because a worn toothbrush will not properly clean your teeth.